Replace existing Fence

Replacing Your Existing Fencing

If your fence is to look a little ordinary or it needs continual maintenance or repairs, it could be time to think about replacing your old fences with a lovely new one. We have all admired the look of a new professionally built fence with straight posts, rails that are parallel and palings or pickets that and panels that are built solidly. But the difficultly in achieving such a professional look is something that needs to be seriously considered Looking at how a well built fences are constructed should tell you why replacing your fences is a task best assigned to professional fencing contractors.

3 Basic steps to Fence Building.

There are three basic steps to building a fence, in each of the 3 steps, there are a lot of technical considerations that will need to be dealt . Here are the 3 steps and some as well as some things that have to be looked at.

  1. Your fence posts have to be buried to the right depth and concreted firmly in place. Timber posts need to be treated to stop any rot or infestations below ground level. Every post needs be plumb and all posts will need to be spaced at the correct distance from the last one. If this is not done properly, the mistakes will be very obvious and ruin the look of the entire fencing job.
  2. Rails have to be screwed firmly to the posts and the rails have to be perfectly parallel with one an other. This is a very difficult process to achieve on level ground, however on sloping ground, it is best left to an expert.
  3. The sheeting, palings panels or pickets, need to be precisely spaced and fixed securely to your fence rails. Again this will be made much more difficult with sloping ground.

Any number of mistakes can be made at any stage in the building of a new fence. Professional fence contractors will be able to anticipate all the potential problems when quoting the job. Firstly a contractor come to your property and measure the complete fence boundary. As this is done, they can check the slope on the land and take note any obstructions that may need to be dealt with and discuss with you the different fencing material and the style of fence you would prefer. Then they will quote your fencing based on the length of fence to be built and the material that will be used. When the contractors arrive to start the work, they will bring with them all of the tools and materials needed to quickly build your fences with a minimal disruption to you and your family.

The difficulties in installing a new fence can be compounded when you take into account the style and type of fence needed. For Example Pool fences, have to conform to a stringent minimum standard and building a glass pool fence should only be attempted by a professional.

There is a lot of planning goes the replacement of your existing fences. This work involves of a lot more than just throwing a few posts into the earth and screwing on a few rails and palings.
If you would like your new fence to look perfect once installed and be strong enough to cop abuse weather and time, you should consider getting the help of a professional fencing contractor to build your fence for you. You may also find that hiring a fencing contractor is more cost effective once hire of the fencing equipment is taken into account.