Cost Per Metre

How much money do Fences Cost per Metre.


How much money do fences cost per lineal metre. That depends on a few  factors. The first thing to consider is the fence material to be used, but there are other important factors to consider. Griffo’s guide to fence cost’s will not tell you exactly what your fencing will cost, it will only give you a general ball park figure. 

Factors which may Alter Fencing Cost’s.

Do it Yourself fencing kits are easy to get, but by having your fence built by a professional is recommended. Most fencing contractors will buy their material at discounted prices and because the fencing market is so competitive, they often pass on the savings to their clients. Fence Contractors will guarantee their workmanship, so the risk the fence being out of square or out of plum and not following the slope of the natural ground properly is minimal.

When a fencing contractor quotes your job, the materials are only one thing they look at. They also take into account:

  • The soil conditions.
  • The contour of the Ground.
  • The length of fence to be built.
  • And The removal of the old fence.
  • Access to the fence site.

When the earth is very rocky or loose, they might have to charge you more for the extra work in setting the fence posts. A fence built on level ground should cost less than  fences built on sloping blocks. Fence contractors often offer discounts on their rates for a longer fence as they will save time not having to completely set up every morning.

Access to the site.

The closer he can get his equipment including his vehicle and the materials the less time it will take to build the fence. Therefore the contractor is able to charge a little less to build your fence.

A Clear Fence Alignment.

Plants Trees and Scrubs on and near the fencing alignment may make for a difficult job building your fences. Trees on the alignment could mean extra posts are needed and extra labour to install them. As well tree roots can make life difficult when digging post holes. The less plants and trees that need to be removed or worked around the faster the job will go.

Removal of the old Fence.

Removal or your old fences can be another costly expense. Removing old fences and dumping them costs money and can add many labour hours to your fencing quotes.

If your good with your hands there are big savings that can be made if you remove your old fences yourself and have the alignment clear for the contractor.

Costs of different types of fencing.

Low 1.2 m picket fences will cost less per lineal metre than a 1.8 m of fence constructed from similar types of material.

Here are some of average fence prices. 1.8m high fence. Prices stated here do not include demolition and removal of your old fences. As well they don’t include the price of clearing the fence alignment.

  • A standard paling fence could cost around $67 per lineal metre to supply and erect.
  • While colorbond fencing would cost you more like $100 per lineal metre to supply and erect.

Getting Quotes for Fences.

As stated earlier, there are many different factors that affect the costs of fencing. When looking for fencing quotes, include as much as you can about the site on which the fence is to be built.