Choices in Pool Fencing

Choices in Pool Fencing.

Pool Fencing

Pools are a great playground to add to any home safety must come first.  The most important thing to consider in making your pool safe is the pool fencing you choose, fencing your pool does not have to mean a boring view.  We have some safe yet affordable and attractive pool fencing ideas.

Choose the right Pool Fence.

All though the pool fences main function is to keep your pool area safe for children, it does not have to look tacked on.  Choosing a pool fence that is complimentary to not only your pool surrounds but the look and style of your home as well.  The size of your budget will also be a factor as some fencing styles will be more expensive than others.  Ensure the fence you choose can be built in a way that adheres to the Qld safety regulations.

Types of Pool Fencing

Pool fences are built from of many different types of material. Its your choice what material you choose.  Some fencing options are.:

  • Timber fencing (Paling and Picket fences).
  • Steel fencing.
  • Aluminium fencing.
  • Chain Wire fencing.
  • Colorbond fencs.
  • Mesh fencing.
  • Glass fencing

Any type of material can be purchased to build your pool fencing.

Pool Fencing Laws.

There are many rules and regulations governing the style of pool fencing used and how it is built.  If your not certain of the rules that apply you should always check with fence contractors Inspectors or local council.  This may even save a drowning.  Generally, gates and fences have to be at a minimum 1.2 m in height and gates must open outwards away from the pool as well they should close and latch automatically.  The gate latch needs to be at least 1.5 metres from the ground.  You must not leave a gap more than 100mm between the bottom fence and the ground, as well vertical parts of the fence must not be spaced more than 100 mm apart.