Qld Pool Fence Regulations

 Queensland Pool Fence Regulations.

*Griffos is not currently providing pool fencing services*

Pools are valuable additions to any home or property but they need to be correctly fenced to be safe for small children. Queensland’s specific pool fence regulations must be complied with, and Griffo’s have outlined some of the main problem areas for you.

Queensland’s New Pool Fence Safety Regulations.

Queensland has now introduced it’s own swimming pool register.  This register contains a list of all pools built through out Queensland, and a copy of all the safety certificates that are issued, as well it has a list of all licensed inspectors. If your pool is not yet registered you could risk fines of up to $2000.

As of the first of December 2010, any house being sold or leased must have a pool safety certificate.  These certificates prove that the fencing and gates comply with the pool safety regulations, and are safe for children.  Safety certificates are only be issued by a licensed pool inspector and are in effect for two years for private non shared pools. The new Queensland standards have been brought in by the Queensland’s government and must be complied with December 2015 or if you are renting out or selling your property.

Key Pool Fence Safety Standards.

Queensland’s pool safety regulations apply to both outdoor and indoor swimming pools that hold more than 300mm of water when filled.  This will include all inflatable and portable swimming pools as well as spas that contain more than 300 mil depth with water, and that have a volume of 2,000 litres or more or that have filtration systems.  All pool fencing must have approval and be found to be compliant with the regulations before filling the pool with water.  If any part of a building or home is within a pool fence area you need to build a new fencing so that the pool can not be directly accessed.  For indoor pools, you must have an approved child safety doors to gain access the swimming pool.  Standard regulations that apply to pool fencing, states that fences must be maintained in good condition, and have a minimum clearance from the ground as well as in between bars and palings, that the height is a minimum of 1.2m and the gates must open outwards and be both self closing and latching.