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Pine or hardwood paling Timber fencing.

Pine Paling Fences Brisbane Ipswich, Gold Coast Caboolture and Redcliffe.

Griffo’s mainly use Timber Fencing on residential blocks setting as boundary markers.

A new Timber Fence will dramatically really improve the and look of your property and is the perfect material boundary fencing.

If your existing old wooden or timber fence is not looking like it should or is just plain falling down then replacing it with a new Timber Fence would be the perfect way to freshen up the look of your yard.

We can build your new fence in many different styles and heights.

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Griffo’s can build Timber Fencing is in various heights but those normally requested are 1.8m or 1.2m high paling or slat fences.

Griffo’s Fencing uses 100mm x 75 and 100 x 100 on corners and gate posts.

Pine fence on small retaining wall. Wooden Fencing.

Butted Pine paling fence. Picket Fencing.

CCA treated pine or hardwood ( as requested ) timber posts as a standard which are cemented into the soil to hold up your new fencing.

Pine or hardwood timber rails are then screwed to the posts and new 100mm palings are then nailed to the rails.

You can either have the palings butted tightly together or have the gap of your choice.

Please note that if you choose butted palings they will shrink in the sun and leave a small gap.

If you require more privacy you might consider ship lapped palings.

This is where palings are spaced apart and another is nailed over the top to cover the gap.


 Hardwood Timber Fence or Softwood Timber Fences.

Your new Timber Fencing can be built from either CCA Treated pine or hardwood. Or a combination of both.

It is really your decision which you would prefer.

Hardwood Timber Fencing materials will obviously last longer however the up front costs will be higher for hardwood materials.

The CCA treated pine Timber Fencing option is still a very good choice and a cheaper and more popular option for most  and the CCA treatment will ensure a long life.

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 Timber Gates.

Griffo’s Timber Gates are made with steal frames and will match the fence style you choose in your choise of heights and widths.

As they are made to your individual requirements we can supply and erect a new Timber Gate and fence to your individual needs.

Ipswich Brisbane Caboolture Gold Coast and Redcliffe.

All quality Wood fences gates and small retaining walls built by the fencing experts from hardwood or CCA treated pine.

Griffo’s will quote your new fence or repair work and give you a realistic price for any hardwood or CCA treated pine fence in any style you like.


We also do Pool Fencing and Repairs.

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