Why Timber Fences

Why Timber Fencing.

Timber fences hardwood and pine are popular in and around Brisbane. As a timber fence builders in the Brisbane regain for 25 years, we can say that were responsible for building a lot the wooden fences built in Brisbane. We have put up many picket and timber paling fences,  horizontal slats, channelled fences as well as lapped paling and caped fences.

There are so many reasons why you would want wooden fencing, it is just so popular in Brisbane and the whole of Queensland, but they may not be for everyone. Here are a few reasons for and against building with Timber.

Why a Timber Fence

Timber fencing is a very versatile building material. From classic paling fences to shaped tip picket fence, there are so many options. Shaped picket fence are very decorative as a front boundary fence, however they can allow others to see into your property. If you are looking for privacy what you may need is a paling fence that can keep people from seeing in to your property.


Of all the fencing materials available, wood is by far the easiest to use for a home improvement projects. You can work as slowly or as fast as you are able and you can easily dictate the design and style of your fences. You can construct your fences to any height or length you wish. All that needs to be done is cut the timber to correct size.

If your wooden fences are damaged they can be easily repaired . Normally, repairs would be fairly easy because only one post, paling,  rail or slat or rail will be damaged.